Voidship: The Long Journey to launch in Steam on February 8th

Gather around as we polish the hull, fine-tune the engines and prepare for liftoff.
Voidship: The Long Journey will release on February 8th.

The Terran Empire is in shambles and you barely escaped the onslaught. Your only mission is to reach a set of coordinates, a journey that will take several centuries. To reach your destination you´ll need to build your ship, explore unknown sectors, gather resources, find new crew members, discover new technologies, assist your allies and defeat your enemies.

Key features:
  • Build your own ship
  • Space travel takes time
  • Uniquely skilled crew members
  • Complex strategic gameplay
  • Play RTS or shooter mode
  • Real-time 2D space combat
  • Randomly generated maps and rogue-lite gameplay

If you love exploring and battling through unknown quadrants of space with a fully customizable warship… Voidship: The Long Journey is for you!

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