Voidspeed Outlaw

Voidspeed Outlaw is the latest Cydonian Games project. A fast-paced retro-futuristic racer set on Mars. Rendered in low def pseudo 3D. Expect a release sometime in 2021.

Mars 21XX. Ever since you were a toddler you’ve always dreamt of being a racer in the system-wide Voidspeed Racing League. You saved your money, pieced together a junk ship, and raced in wasteland all-or-nothing outlaw leagues. You’ve been noticed by the street scene and have built a pretty competent racer, but the races are incredibly illegal and run by the Martian underground. You can take favors to climb the ranks, but all debts must be paid.

The path to the VRL is steep, full of corruption and death, but it’s all you’ve ever dreamt of. And you don’t accept defeat.


  • Authentic pseudo-3D rendering drawn using 2D pixel art. Relive classic racing game style with modern twists and effects.
  • Take on a variety of race tracks set on Mars, Titan, Europa and more.
  • A storyline featuring lovingly crafted pixel art cutscenes.
  • Change up the gameplay with several arcade game modes.
  • Variety of unique speeder models to choose from.
  • Upgrade and tune your speeder. Customize it, name it, you name it!


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